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The Leading Cold Storage Logistics Company in
Los Angeles & Long Beach For Over 22 Years

Here's what we do ...

KPAC – Since 1994
Celebrating 22 Years of West Coast Cold Storage Logistics Excellence
Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach – The Gateway to the Pacific Rim Markets

Transloading / Cross Dock - Your Products in Logistic Motion
We Move 15,000 annual Transloads/Crossdocks - Railcar, Container, Tractor Trailer
Product Handling - We Rack it Right - Everyday  
We Handle 18,000 containers a year, 40,000 pallet positions, 18 Daily Railcar Spots and Unloads
The Cold Storage Facts - Cold Storage is who we are
We Maintain Over 350,000 square feet of Cooler and Freezer storage ,  -12F to 50F
Overweight Corridor - We haul where others cannot - Overweight drayage is our specialty
We Transport Daily standard and overweight transports to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
Transportation - Always on the Go!  Our best practices are on the road
We Book Customer Brokerage, 1000 dispatches per week, 37 KPAC drivers, 125 Chassis'
USDA Inspections - Ensuring that your product is safe, healthy and correctly labeled and packaged - We Arrange USDA inspections and assist in the correct certification and authorization of your product
International Import & Export Logistics - The World has become our Business
We Partner with international import and export companies around the globe

Konoike-Pacific California, Inc. is a world class cold storage and distribution company providing cost effective
handling, storage, consolidation and supply chain services for ambient, chilled and frozen food products.
We maintain three Southern California cold storage facilities; (2) inside the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

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California LocationCold Storage California
Head Office - Osaka, Japan
KPAC Japan Office KPAC - Japan
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